<h2>Heroes of the Bible</h2>

Heroes of the Bible

Episode: 515

Season: 5

Chris wants to spend time with the heroes in the latest Holo-9 Game rather than lead a youth group Bible Study. Superbook whisks Chris and Joy away leaving behind a shocked Gizmo for the first time ever!

Gizmo frantically tries to locate where Superbook has taken Chris and Joy and find a way to bring them back! Chris and Joy revisit Bible heroes Noah, as well as Joshua and Rahab, and see them in a new light alongside his Holo-9 heroes. Superbook also reminds them of other real-life Bible heroes such as Abraham, Joseph, David, Esther and Daniel.

When Chris returns, he leads the Bible Study and offers a new perspective on being a real hero in God's eyes. Romans 15:2

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God can use us for His purposes when we obey Him!


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    Heroes of the Bible - The Salvation Poem

    • Heroes of the Bible - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • What can you possibly do to be a hero in God's eyes?

    • Do we have to do everything that God tells us to do?

    • Is it necessary to have strong faith to be a hero in God's eyes?

    • Where can I find strength and courage to do things for God?

    • How can I know I have what I need to do all God asks me to do?