<h2>Teach Us To Pray</h2>

Teach Us To Pray

Episode: 409

Season: 4

Chris' Grandma is moving out of the house she lived in for years. Her husband, Chris' Grandpa, recently passed away and the home is just too big for one person. When Chris asks about how his Grandpa used to pray, Grandma has to excuse herself and sobs in the other room. Superbook then whisks the kids away and receives a lesson from Jesus on how to pray. When Chris returns he discovers a prayer card that has fallen from Grandpa's Bible and realizes Grandpa prayed the exact same words Jesus taught to His followers in the Lord's Prayer. Chris asks his Grandma to pray together - and they begin to say The Lord's Prayer. Grandma explains the meaning of each line to Chris and tells him it is the perfect outline for ALL prayer. Matthew 6:9

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Teach Us To Pray


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    The Transfiguration

    • The Transfiguration
    • Jesus Heals Demon-Possessed Boy
    • Mustard Seed Faith
    • Jesus Sends Out His Disciples
    • The Disciples Return to Jesus
    • Jesus Teaches His Disciples How To Pray
    • Teach Us to Pray - Salvation Poem
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    • What is God's most valuable gift to us?

    • How should we pray?

    • How can I pray to further the Gospel?

    • Do we have authority and power as a believer?

    • How much faith do I need?