<h2>Paul and Silas</h2>

Paul and Silas

Episode: 403

Season: 4

Joy is down in the dumps because she's due to have a her tonsils out. Superbook whisks the kids away to Philippi, where they encounter Paul and Silas preaching and being arrested for casting out a demon. Joy watches Paul's behavior as he and Silas sing praises to God in prison! Paul and Silas are miraculously freed from prison by an earthquake, then share the Gospel with the jailer and his family. They believe and are baptized as believers in Jesus! Joy returns home and vows to try and be joyful even in the most dire circumstances, like Paul and Silas! Acts 16:1

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Be joyful, even in the worst circumstances.


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  • Videos

    Paul Baptizes Lydia

    • Paul Baptizes Lydia
    • Pauls Macedonian Vision
    • Paul And The Fortune Teller
    • Paul And Silas Experience An Earthquake
    • Paul Baptizes The Jailer

    • Paul and Silas - Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • How can you always be joyful?

    • Does God guide us?

    • Can we be good examples?

    • How are we saved?

    • What can I sing to God about?