<h2>Paul Keeps the Faith</h2>

Paul Keeps the Faith

Episode: 508

Season: 5

Joy's life is shaken to its core when her mom is suddenly rushed to the hospital with a serious illness. Joy questions why God doesn't just fix her mom and wonders what good the Bible is when something so terrible is happening. Superbook whisks the kids to Rome during The Great Fire. The kids meet the Apostle Paul and a Christian girl named Julia. Paul shows the kids how Christians suffered for their faith, but found strength and hope in the scriptures. When the kids return Joy has a new perspective, which gives her the courage to share Christ's love with her mom. John 16:33

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In this world you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.


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  • Q & A

    • Can I face trials and suffering in this world and still live a victorious life?

    • Can anything happen in this world that can separate me from the love of God?

    • What did Paul mean by saying when he was weak, he was strong?

    • What is the benefit of trials and suffering for Christ?

    • How important is it for me to choose my words wisely when speaking to others?