Episode: 308

Season: 3

When Chris is asked to tutor two poor students who are also class clowns, he doubts he’s the guy for the job. Superbook then whisks Chris, Joy and Gizmo away to ancient Jerusalem. They meet Nehemiah, who is mocked and threatened as he rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem. Chris learns to do the job God gives you. Nehemiah 6:3

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Do the Job God gave you and don’t pay attention to mockers.


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    Accused Of Wanting To Be King

    • Accused Of Wanting To Be King
    • Ezra Reads The Law
    • Nehemiah Arms Workers
    • Nehemiah Calls Judah To Return
    • Nehemiah Confronts Shemaiah
    • Nehemiah Hears Report
    • Nehemiah Says Celebrate
    • Nehemiah Seeks Kings Blessing
    • Sanballat Tobiah Question Nehemiah
    • Sanballat Tries To Intimidate
    • Nehemiah - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • How can I do God's work if people are making fun of me?

    • Is it necessary for us to be prepared and alert for opposition in today's world?

    • Does it matter how I do the job, as long as I get the job done?

    • Where does joy come from; and how can I receive it?

    • When I am successful, isn't it because of my own ability?